"...you’ll never think about the woods the same way again.” - Gary Grossman, Bestselling Author of OLD EARTH.

Light And Darkly book cover

Too late, Darkly?  Werewolfism, the ultimate sexually-transmitted disease, has spread to Los Angeles and London!

Wolf Woods has been turned inside out and burned to the ground by a shaman with a grudge and an army of sasquatch with a penchant for music.  The were-folk of Wolf Woods are exiles no more.  The world is their kibble, and they intend to make werewolves of the lot of us...one loving touch at a time.  

RCMP Constable Darkly Stewart must now track the wolves across the globe, in an impossible effort to return them all to the natural prison of the boreal forest, not knowing how many mere humans have already been converted. 

Darkly has come to terms with her disturbing past and true identity.  She knows she is of the same ilk of monster that she hunts.  But, despite her desire to embrace her furry nature, she is denied her own personal transformation.  Can an L.A. rock star stalker, a reformed psychopath, and a new Queen of Wolves in London help Darkly untether the beast that lurks within her DNA?