"...you’ll never think about the woods the same way again.” - Gary Grossman, Bestselling Author of OLD EARTH.

Animator KATHY RAY

When I first picked up DARKLY STEWART: THE WOMAN WHO TASTED DEATH,  I had a certain expectation. I’ve always been a huge sci-fi and fiction nerd, and werewolves are kind of my forte.  So, the subject matter really hit close to home with me.  By the time I finished reading the book, my mind was buzzing with ideas.  When I looked at how many scenes I had in my head, I realized I had enough material to create an hour-long animated film. But I knew I had to answer one question: how can I translate this 300-page novel into animation that’s under 30 seconds? 

   When thinking about how to turn the book into a short animated film, I knew I had to keep in mind the book's key elements. One of the things that interested me about the novel was the fact that even though it is humorous in places, there was an underlying dark tone. The closest thing I can describe it to is like taking a walk in the woods with your friends at night.  It's a hauntingly beautiful experience that scares you, and also inspires a sort of awe. That’s what I wanted to achieve with the animation. I wished to replicate the feeling of “Whoa that’s a little creepy, but still really cool.” Overall, the animation feels natural to the flow of how I felt DG Wood was portraying his universe and its characters. I had a huge blast putting the scenes together, and it gave me the same sensation I experienced while reading the book.  Once I had the assets, it all came together better than I could have imagined.